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Sunday, October 4, 2009, 8:30 PM
Unlucky Day!!!

I dun noe SNSD is too famous or nt famous! 2day, I go 2 alot of music and vcd outlets like Dallas, TS, Poh Kim, Blue Max, Multimedia but all nvr sell! I call Sembawang Music and HMV 2 ask if they gt sell but they say no stock! Wat a waste of time tavelling 2 all these places!
Exams coming... must study harder! Gtg... bb!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009, 12:10 AM
Tests Marks!!!

Here are my recent tests marks!!!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009, 9:25 PM

2day, the fcking Mrs Tan tell me to go find her then talk lots of craps to me! Ask wat's the hypotesis all these! I dun even noe lah... my group also nvr call me go out when they do the powerpoint! I admit tat I nvr do much things but nt as worst as 0 rite... she dare give me 0, I surely take revenge on her! SHE CAN TRY ME... FCKER!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009, 1:01 PM
Birthday Cake!!!

Yesterday, I have rashes all over my body... thought of nt coming 2 school but the cake tat Du Chao and me make is still with me so bo bian but 2 come 2 school! W8 til reccess then we strt 2 cut the cake! We strt eating the cake then de Miss Lim come and stopped us, say wat no eating in class then she say she will report 2 Mr Chen... report loh like we scare!
Finished eating, I ask back the ingredient money from Du Chao but he keep on drag loh! Tania and Faeza then pulled me 2 canteen becuz they wan smuggle up the drinks... I treat for all the drinks then show them the path 2 smuggle! After tat, I went 2 General Office then take cab home!
Reached home, my father bring me 2 the clinic! Eat 1 tablet then went 2 sleep... tat medicine power loh, my rashes already subside after eating 1 tablet!


Friday, August 14, 2009, 12:07 AM


Monday, August 10, 2009, 7:47 PM
Jia Min's Birthday :)

Yesterday is one of my happiest moment in my life!!! I wake up at 10 am but lied in the bed til 11 am then went 2 change clothes becuz I'm meeting Jia Min 1st!!! After tat, went 2 Jia Min house then w8 for around 30 min then she came down! We went 2 GWC then straight away go GV 2 buy tickets! We went 2 eat 1st but ended up I'm the one eating!!!
After tat, we went 2 arcade and I top up a total of $20 using NETS as I spent all my money on the tickets!!! After playing arcade, we went walking around GWC then went back 2 arcade again!!!
After awhile Kai Ying called then we went 2 the taxi stand and meet her at the taxi stand! We met Cass at GV then we went 2 the taxi stand again 2 pick Novelia! We went 2 Mac 2 w8 for Rena, Tania, Du Chao and Zenna 2 come! Tania came 1st then Rena then followed by Du Chao! We met Zenna outside GV then we went in the cinema... Zenna was like so buay song sitting wif me loh but bo bian, 1 girl must sit wif me and Du Chao!
After movie, we went 2 Jack's Place then Cass and Rena go and order a cake! Half way of our dinner then the waiter came and bring the cake 2 us!!! We went eating the cakes but I can't finish my food!
After tat, Teng Hong came and meet us then we bused 2 Henderson Wave while Rena and Tania went home! Can't c any fireworks only can c the sparks and colours as there are 2 stupid blocks blocking it!
Cass, Kai Ying and Teng Hong went after the fireworks then the rest of us chat for awhile! Actually wan ton at Jia Min's house but Du Chao insist of going home so bo bian!!! We went safra 2 buy drinks from the vending machine then we went 2 the bus stop!!! I thought of sending Zenna home becuz Jia Min say tat she still nid 2 change bus then can go home but Zenna say dun nid! So I took 145 back home while Jia Min and Zenna took 195!!!
Yesterday is really one of my happiest moment in my life!!! LOL!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009, 11:17 PM
Intelligence Test!!!

We gt back our class photos 2day... quite nice actually!!! Not much things 2day, just tat the Intelligence Worksheet tat Miss Samsiah give us was quite fun! I gt 9 (bar graph) and 6 (line graph) for Mathematical/Logical, abit surprised tat I actually gt so high wor... Lol!!! I'm also Intra-Personal means tat I prefer working alone and I noe myself very well... quite true!!!
After Lit, we went for music! As usual, keep on disturb Mr Low... abit pity him nia! After tat, we went for lunch then go back class for Eng! During Eng, we continue doing the Intelligence Worksheet then we read the passage on Bermuda Triangle... so mysterious!!!
We have maths test and it seriously sucks... so many ppl cheating loh! I already requested 2 join Mr Chen's Maths Class liao... I dun wan stay in a cheating class! However, Mr Chen say he must discussed wif other teachers 1st... hope can change class ba! Lol!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009, 11:46 AM

I finally had my haircut on last Sunday!!! Last few days, we gt back our Chinese, Maths and Sci tests! Abit disappointed for my Chinese and Sci test! I scored 44/50 for my Chinese test but my ranking is only 3rd in class!!! I only gt 36/60 for my Sci test but at least I managed 2 passed! I scored 41/45 for Maths test, abit surprised tat I scored so high!!! Maths lessons was so boring so I requested tat I wan 2 teach the class then Mdm Ong let me teach wor... so fun!!! All the questions asked by the students, I still can managed 2 answer1!!!
2day, we go for DNT and it seriously sucks! We nid 2 draw 3D diagram then I was like can't follow Mr Tang's steps then all anyhow draw! I tink I will fail my DNT lah! After school, go library then must put library books on display, we spend 2h down there decorating the table and books!
Nth much liao, BB! Lol!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009, 2:48 AM
Long Time No Post!!!

Is so long since my last post... briefly talk about wat happened ba! I almost evryday playing maple during school holidays but I gt watch 3 dramas! They are 霹雳 MIT, 篮球火 and 樱野 3加1!!!
School reopen, we gt our own homeroom at level 2 but im sitting at the side wor, angle so strange! I hate my seating seriously!!! My locker at 4th floor somemore loh, nid 2 go up take books evrytime! Mr Ho nvr teach us Eng anymore... sad :(!!! I heard tat he go 2 further his studies... gd luck ba!!!
1st few days of school, Mr Chen nvr come so we like keep on playing in the class! I enjoyed Home Econs, only the cooking session!!! Nth much 2 say, I just hope tat my hair wont gt caught during assembly ba!!! Lol!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009, 11:01 PM

Last Friday go Queensway with Kai Kai then go buy net and eat while waiting for Zi Yi 2 come!!! After eating, call Zi Yi then he say he just left his then Kai Kai scold him call him go home! Then we bused 2 Douby Ghaut and go play arcade... saw Mr Ho and friends there! Play until 8+ then go home!!!
2 days ago, gt back my Sci Test... so surprise tat I passed 30/50!
2day was quite fun actually, Chinese and Maths was so boring then stay back for recess 2 play uno! Sci was on Sexual Reproduction... evry1 was like so interested the ask all sort of pervertic questions!!! Went for CCM, Cikgu Ros dun let us play uno then we go c Wei Li 'fcking' Yong Keong? It's so funny tat evry1 in our row laugh like crazy!!! I laugh until my back and stomach pain!!!
After school, go for library do duty. Nxt week nid 2 teach students how 2 make de mask nxt week... surely make until hand dirty!

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